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Kyle Hendrix is the owner of Zinz Wine Bar in Corte Madera. Community members and local business people, Kyle and Patsy (Corte Madera Native) along with their family enjoy the Marin lifestyle with home base in Corte Madera. Kyle is a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce who loves and supports all things Corte Madera! You may recognize Kyle from the Octoberfest, the July 4th art show, or buzzing around the community laughing. 

Kyle bought the business December 15th, 2018. He had been working as a part time bartender for fun in 2016 and simply fell in love with the business, the people, and the "potential' he saw for Zinz, his dream is to have a comfortable cozy bar for people to meet new friends and try new wines!   

Kyle's passions and professional life have been rooted in art and design, evident in his chandeliers and interior upgrades to Zinz.  

Kyle is a natural entertainer and host, a lover of great food and wine. Zinz is where he has found HOME allowing him a place to combine all he loves.   

Born and raised in the South (yes, the southern drawl is real) Kyle is a sophisticated, southern gentleman who loves people, wine, food and story telling. 

About Zinz

The Bar

Zinz Wine Bar is nestled in the heart of old town Corte Madera, between Larkspur and Mill Valley, it offers the neighborhood its first upscale wine bar, wine store and art gallery. This location has been a wine bar for over 25 years with many of the guests long time supporters. It's fun to sit and listen to the locals sharing their stories and history. Lots of shenanigans have gone on in this building. Come experience its cozy, sophisticated atmosphere with a delicious array of eclectic, boutique wines, craft beer, and light hors d'oeuvres, making it the perfect place to conduct business, enjoy a first date, have a fun girls night out, and much more.